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Hotel Yuzawa Yuzawa Denkiya - natural onsen hot spring hotel in Echigo Yuzawa, Niigata Prefecture - close to Iwappara and Kandatsu Kogen

Echigo Yuzawa Natural onsen hot springs
Hotel Yuzawa Yuzawa Denkiya
Echigo Yuzawa
Natural onsen hot spring
Ski & Snowboard Tickets, Rental, Bus
Skiing and snowboarding   Many ski and snowboard resorts within easy reach
Iwappara Ski Resort
Kandatsu Kogen
Kandatsu Kogen
Yuzawa Nakazato
Yuzawa Nakazato
- Special lift tickets for Iwappara and Kandatsu Kogen ski resorts, as well as others nearby.
Special bus services to ski resorts are available.
Special ski lift tickets

 2023-2024season prices

* The above special tickets can be purchased from the Front Desk after arrival.

* Please note that payment for ski lift tickets can only be made in cash.
  (sorry,credit cards cannot be used)

- Special limited lift 1 day lift tickets (2023-2024season prices)
*Please make requests from 7:50am at the Front Desk. If more people request than the number of tikcets, they will be chosen by lottery. We keep your identification as guarantee.
Yuzawa Park2000yenLimited to 5 tickets
Kandatsu Kogen2000yenLimited to 8 tickets

- Ski Pack 1 day lift tickets (2023-2024 season prices)
*Please note that there may be changes or limited numbers of the following tickets
Iwappara & Joetsu Kokusai  
Yuzawa Park yenWeekends & holidays
Children: Weekends & holidays
Children: Weekdays
NASPA Ski Garden yenEvery day
Children: Every day
GALA Yuzawa Every day
 Every day
Mitsumata Kagura Tashiro Every day
Yuzawa Nakazato yenEvery day
Children:  yenEvery day
Kandatsu Kogen yenEvery day

Children:  yen

Every day



* Accommodation rates vary depending on the plan, number of days, number of guests and room type.
* Please check the plans, rates and room availability by clicking on Online Booking.



*Banquet room and plans also available separarely.


Major credit cards accepted

Ski & snowboard rental- 1 Day Rental Charges (10% consumption tax not included)

Ski set (skis, boots and poles)2,500 yen
Snowboard set (board and boots)2,500 yen
Wear top/bottom (ski or snowboard)2,500 yen
Skis only or snowboard only2,000yen
Boots only (ski boots or snowboard boots)1,500 yen
Goggles, gloves and hats400 yen each




Bus services - Our hotel bus can take guests to Iwappara,  and Yuzawa Park -

Please enquire about times with the driver.

The hotel buses are used for this service.

Iwappara - every hour (last 5pm)

Yuzawa Park - every hour on the half hour (last 4:30pm)

Please use the shuttle bus to return from Kandatsu Kogen


- Buses to Echigo Yuzawa Station for guests returning home (please make reservations at the Front Desk) -


8:30 9:30
From 10:10, at 10 past the hour and 40 past the hour - last bus at 6:10pm
We don't have a shuttle to the station at 9:10 and 9:40 because we give priority to
send to the ski resort.

Please allow enough time. There may be cases when the buses also stop at ski resorts.

*Buses may be delayed due to road and weather conditions at the time.

Shuttle Bus

A free shuttle bus leaves from in front of the entrance of this hotel.
- Free shuttle bus timetable -

 Kandatsu KogenYuzawa NakazatoGALA Yuzawa
NASPA Ski Garden
Yuzawa Kogen
12 20     
14 30   

15 40   
17 05    

From 18th December until 10th April




*Please note that the buses may be delayed due to weather and traffic conditions.


Nearby ski and snowboard resorts