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Hotel Yuzawa Yuzawa Denkiya - natural onsen hot spring hotel in Echigo Yuzawa, Niigata Prefecture - close to Iwappara and Kandatsu Kogen

Echigo Yuzawa Natural onsen hot springs
Hotel Yuzawa Yuzawa Denkiya
Echigo Yuzawa Hotel Yuzawa Yuzawa Denkiya
Natural onsen hot spring
Guide General information
Useful Information   To our guests from overseas

Welcome to Hotel Yuzawa Yuzawa Denkiya

On this page we introduce some more information about the hotel as well as a guide on using some of our facilities. Please read through this information and if you have any questions do ask us.


Meals (1st Floor Dining Room)

Dinner           18:00 – 19:00 (closes at 20:00)
Breakfast        7:30 – 9:00 (closes at 9:30)

Onsen Hot Springs (2nd Floor)
Large bath      6:00 – 2:00
Outdoor bath  12:00 – 23:00
The outdoor bath is next to the large bath.

Vending machines
Beverages 1st Floor in front of the dining room & 2nd Floor in front of the elevator
Cigarettes                 2nd Floor Front Desk

House phone
Front Desk                Extension 9
Dining Room             Extension 121

Water header (available 24 hours)
2nd Floor – 4th Floor in front of the elevator

Check out                 

Check-out is at 10:00am

Welcome pick-up bus

A welcome bus is available from 10:15 until 17:45.
Please call on arriving at Echigo Yuzawa Station.
Pick-up is from the East Exit of the Station and the journey takes 6-10 minutes.

Evening meals
Please note that there are no restaurants close to the hotel.
A convenience store is about 10 minutes’ walk from the hotel.

Dining at the hotel
The charge for dinner (when not included in a plan) is 3500 yen plus tax.
Reservations are required by 4pm on the day.

Dining outside the hotel
A shuttle bus leaves the hotel to go to Echigo Yuzawa Station at 18:10.
Reservations are required beforehand.
Please come back by taxi or local train (19:15 and 21:15).



Shoes (outside) and slippers (inside)

Traditionally in Japan people do not enter a house in shoes that are worn outside. Please be sure to take off your shoes at the entrance of the hotel. The shoes will be stored and you will be able to use slippers that are provided. Please wear the slippers for walking around inside the hotel.

Tatami mats and making the futon bed

Traditional Japanese rooms have 'tatami mats' (straw mats) as flooring. Please be sure not to walk on the tatami mats in your slippers - people usually walk on the tatami either barefoot or wearing socks. In a traditional Japanese room you will sleep on a futon which is stored away during the daytime and laid out onto the tatami mats in the evening. When it is time to rest or sleep, please put out the futon as follows:

- Spread out the bottom futon.

- Spread out the sheet on the futon.

- Tuck the sheet in around the futon.

- Put the pillow and comforter on top of the futon.

We hope that you enjoy the experience of using a futon and that you sleep well!


Taking an onsen (hot spring) bath

'Onsen' hot springs are known to be therapeutic and relaxing, and above all they feel really good! We highly recommend that you try them at least once during your stay. Be sure to try out the outdoor 'rotenburo' as well - particularly great on a cold winters evening when it is snowing outside.

It is important that everyone follows the proper etiquette when using the onsen public baths so please be sure to read this and if you have any questions please ask us.

- Please take the towel from your guest room (there are no towels at the bath area)
- Take off your clothes in the first room and put them in the provided basket.
- Use the stool and bowls to wash yourself thoroughly with the provided soap.
- Be sure to completely rinse off the soap before entering the bath.
- After finishing rinsing off, enter the bath and enjoy relaxing.

Towels and soap are not allowed in the bath tub. Please do not enter the bath before washing or before rinsing off.

We hope you enjoy your stay at Hotel Yuzawa Yuzawa Denkiya. If you have any questions, please ask us at the Front Desk.

Thank you.