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Hotel Yuzawa Yuzawa Denkiya - natural onsen hot spring hotel in Echigo Yuzawa, Niigata Prefecture - close to Iwappara and Kandatsu Kogen

Echigo Yuzawa Natural onsen hot springs
Hotel Yuzawa Yuzawa Denkiya
Echigo Yuzawa Hotel Yuzawa Yuzawa Denkiya
Natural onsen hot spring
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Telephone (+81)-25-787-3020 (from outside Japan)
025-787-3020 (from within Japan)

(+81)-25-787-6200 (from outside Japan)
025-787-6200 (from within Japan)

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* Accommodation rates vary depending on the plan, number of days, number of guests and room type.
Please check the plans, rates and room availability by clicking on Online Booking.
Banquet room and plans also available separarely.

Major credit cards accepted

Major credit cards accepted

* Ski and snowboard information here * Skiieng & snowboarding Special discounted lift tickets! Extensive rental facilities!

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  • The number of rooms available for online bookings is limited (not all rooms)
  • If no plans appear please contact us directly for more information. Either call or use the contact form.
  • Feel free to contact us for groups, special banquests and any other queries.

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