Hotel facilities

- Lobby Bar-
Relax in comfort on the large sofars in the lobby and bar area

- Dining -
Enjoy delicious food in the 200 capacity dining room.

- Guest Rooms-
All guest rooms are comfortable Japanese style. Some include private bath and toilet.

- Banquet Room-
A large space (that can be divided into three) for special parties and meetings.
- Meeeting Room-
For meetings and conferences
- Shop -
Souvenirs, sweets and other items
Facilities Data
Capacity 140 guests
Guest Rooms 36 rooms (private or shared bath and toilet)
Facilities Dining room
Meeting room
Lobby (Lounge)
Safety boxes
Onsen hot springs

Large public baths and outdoor bath
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Banquet room

Large banquet room (120 tatami size, can be split into three)
Small banquet room
Private room
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Sports ground

16 private tennis courses (6 all weather, 10 clay)

2 private baseball fields

1 private general sports field

Gateball and ground golf

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Ski & Snowboard

Ski and snowboard equipment and wear rental

Ski and boots dry room
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parking 150 cars
  • Public baths
    Dryer, rinse shampoo, body soap
  • Rooms with bath and toilet

    TV (free), telephone, fridge, tea set, body soap, rinse shampoo, toothbrush set, face towel, bath towel

  • Rooms with no bath and toilet (shared use)
    TV (free), telephone, tea set, toothbrush set, face towel, bath towel

*If you would like to use a yukata summer kimono, please enquire at the Front Desk.

Vending machines Drinks

Check in is at 3pm (guests can enter from 8am and change, leave luggage and use the car park before checking-in)

Check out is at 10am.
The public baths can be used after checking-out, until 6:00pm

Please also check out our Guide page here
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